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2 MALOSSI MHR BLACK grips - model without side fastening


€ 35.38


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Suitable for all vehicles

The new Malossi MHR grips aim at a trio of elements: design-safety-comfort. Every detail has been designed and defined according to these three elements, which are essential for an aggressive design, grip safety and comfort while riding.
In particular, their design helps vibration absorption, their dimensions make the grip safe and manageable and their ergonomic structure allows the palm to rest without the forearm getting inflamed.

Malossi MHR BLACK grips are made of a thermoplastic rubber with high mechanical characteristics and excellent heat resistance, which is the result of a long research aimed at selecting special polymers with high elasticity and soft touch. This material guarantees the MHR BLACK grips resistance in all conditions of use and, consequently, a great durability. Finally, the soft touch conveys a feeling of pleasantness and comfort to those who use the product.


Products reserved exclusively for competitions in places intended for them in accordance with the provisions of the competent sports authorities. We Disclaim all liability for improper use

Spare parts

2 MALOSSI MHR BLACK grips - model without side fastening

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3318121 Folder of Malossi Gas mini stickers 8x14 cm € 2.59