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- I'm a company, can I buy on Malossi Store ?

The Malossi Store is available only and exclusively for end users.

- How can I get stickers ?

Our stickers are free inside on all our products or during exhibition or races. You can buy all of them directly on our web site.  We can't send stickers.


- How can I pay my order ?

You can pay your order by Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.

- When my order will be shipped if I pay by Bank Transfer ?

Your order will be approved as soon as we reveice your payment in our bank account.

- What are the shipping fees ?

The shipping fees are € 9,00 for European Countries and € 12,00 for the rest of the world. We made specific action regarding Free Shipping during the year. Check it !

- When my credit card will be charges ?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as we approve your order. Please be carefull because, if we constat some big difference between the coutnry of the  IP adress and the country of the credit card used, we take few more days to control if it's not a temptation of fraud.

- How long it takes to be delivered ?

You can check the delivery times on the folder "Shipping".


- How can I control the status of my order ?

You can check the status of your order by log in and check in "Order Status"


- How can I send back an item or cancell my order ?

At Malossistore, we want you to be delighted every time you shop with us. Occasionally, though, we know you may want to return items.

We offer a 14 working days’ cancellation right.
If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it Malossistore in its original condition, within14 working days of receipt of the product, and we will issue a full refund for the price you paid for the item, provided that you return your purchase duly wrapped, together with the invoice and the completed pre-printed returns form. The returned items should be in their original condition, have not been used, worn or damaged. Canceling an order is easy. Please send an e-mail to, or call the following number: +32 (0)71331617. Then fill out the back of the delivery slip that accompanies your items, giving the reason for the return as “Contract Cancellation”. Please wrap the relevant item securely and send it to us with the invoice and the return label, so that we receive it as soon as possible - at the latest within 30 days from your cancellation e-mail. As soon as we receive the item back in accordance with this article, we will refund the relevant part of the purchase price for that item, no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of notification of cancellation. If you cancel once the order has left our warehouse, you will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods to us, unless we delivered the item to you in error or the item is faulty. If we do not receive the item back from you, we may arrange for collection of the item from you at your cost. For more details on the shipment of cancelled goods, just send an e-mail to , or call the following number: +32 (0)71331617.


- The price shows are VAT and shipping included ?

The calculation of the shipping cost is made on the last step of your checkout.  The price that you can see on the shop are without shipping cost.

Depending on the country where you live, the price are with VAT or without VAT.  In order to see the price for your country you need to put the item on your basket, proceed to the checkout and on the 2nd step of the checkout choose your country.

Be carefull on country outside EU some taxes or fees can be asked by the national custom.


- How is guaranted my payment with credit card ?

Please refer to the Sales Conditions in order to have the complete infirmations.


- I place one of your products but the result is not the one indicated. What can I do ?

You can send an e-mail to and explain us your problem.  We will try to find a solution.  Please be more precise as possible. Brand and model of vehicle. Type of parts you fit.  Your complete configuration.

- As fist step, what kind of parts can I fit on my vehicle ?

We advise you to fit our Varaitor and our belt first.

- Where can I find the technical data of your products ?

You can find all the technical informations by clicking on the description or on the fitting instructions of each product.

- What kind of prestation can I have with the Malossi variator ?

The variator increase the acceleration and the re acceleration not the top speed.

- What capacity have a cilinder ?

You can find all the technical informations by clicking on the description or on the fitting instructions of each product.

-  Does the inner rotor ingnition desable the electric system ?


- Can I buy and fit only the ECU for the Aprilia Ditech ?

The ECU is delivered with the thermic group. This ECU must be fit with the Thermic Group and doesn't work on original one.

- Can you made the maintenance of shockabsorber ?

No, but, where is available you can find a revision kit on the spare parts of the shockabsorber.

- What is the letter in the piston ?

The letter means the good coupling between the piston and the cilinder. You can find this letter on the top of the piston and on the base of the cilinder.  The "0" means that is the shorter mesure and the "D" the higher mesure.  Each letter increase of 1 hundredth of a millimeter the diameter of the piston.

- Which quantity of oil do I put on the Malossi front fork ?

You can find this ionfirmation in the fitting instruction of the fork.

- I lost the certificate of omologation of the exhaust.  Can I have it ?

You can print it directly on the fitting instruction of the exhaust.

- Does the Malossi variator came with the roller weight ?


- Can the Malossi Lambda Emulator be fit together with the Force Master 2 ?


- Can I receive all the parts that is show on the picture of a variator ?

Yes, all the part you see on the picture is on the variator.

- After how many KM can I change my belt ?

We advice to change or control the belt on the KM indicated on the owner's manual of the constructor.